Eczema Care Made Easy

March 16, 2020

Eczema Care Made Easy


Working in a career that requires frequent hand washing can wreak havoc on your skin.  If you work in a hospital, laboratory, nursing home care, daycare, a restaurant/other hospitality field, or sanitation, you're already aware of the struggle to maintain healthy skin.  In addition, extremely cold weather, strong winds of dry air (cold or hot), bright tropical sunlight, as well as salty sea water or chlorinated water can also dry out your skin and scalp, thereby worsening dry skin conditions, especially eczema.  Good Hair Good Body's® has a few solutions to help you correct your dry skin & eczema problems.  Our solutions work from two (2) different angles.



Here are  a short list of foods that can help:

  • Ripe Ackee Fruit
      • It should have already burst open on its own to release poisonous gases.
      • It should have already fallen to the ground to be safe to eat. 
      • It may be fresh (which is the best) or canned.
      • It can be eaten like scrambled or boiled eggs.
  • Avocados
      • a great source of proteins and healthy fats (i.e. omega-3 fatty acids) that reduce inflammation, promote skin healing, improve its pliability, and add shine to hair from the inside out.
      • best eaten when ripe (i.e. when the outer skin is dark greenish-black or black AND without blemish).
  • Coconut Fruit (the whole fruit, not just the oil)
      • coconut "meat" (the white part) since it's rich in fiber and protein (which are effective in removing excess cholesterol and triglycerides from your bloodstream while providing a healthy amount of coconut protein and oil for restoration of skin and hair)..
      • coconut water (which is protein- and electrolyte- (mineral) -rich, (not just the oil alone) .
  • Mangos
      • rich in fiber for removing cholesterol.
      • a great source of electrolyte (mineral-) rich hydration.
  • Food-Grade Plant Oils (Olive, and Grapeseed)
      • increases pliability of skin and adds shine to hair from the inside out.



If you've already purchased commercial-grade hand sanitizer, are suffering with eczema (worsened by commercial hand sanitizer), and are struggling to heal it, consider our:

    • Skin-Friendly Hand Sanitizer , which has additional benefits (unlike most commercial hand sanitizers):

      1. It has plant oils that reduce the microbial load (of bacteria, fungi, and viruses) on skin long after the alcohol has evaporated.
      2. It's moisturizers and sealants promote healing of dry cracked skin, especially for those who suffer from eczema.
      3. It smells good (not medicinal).
      4. A little goes a long way. You only need 2 - 4 light mists of our Skin-Friendly Hand Sanitizer (i.e. spritz each side of your hand one time, then rub your hands and fingers together making sure to spread in between your fingers and in the webs of your fingers for full coverage).
    • Herbal Antiseptic Cream (specifically designed to heal eczema).
    • Bath Duo in Tea Tree-Peppermint (a natural Detangling Shampoo/Facial & Body Wash with our Herbal Antiseptic Cream).
    • Eczema Care System (a complete skin AND scalp cleansing and maintenance system from head to toe for those who suffer with eczema and who cannot use most commercials soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and moisturizers because most commercial brands contain synthetics that irritate skin).

    Your skin is your 1st line of defense against infection.  Protect it with the best and most natural plant- and mineral-based products.  THE CHOICE IS YOURS, and you have several of them to PROTECT YOUR SKIN (and SCALP).

    Well, that's all for now. If you have not already done so, kindly review our FREE Hair, Skin, & Beard Care Product Guide. It's loaded with clickable links in the product headline titles and photos, which provides for DIRECT ACCESS to each product on our website. 

    Enjoy your day. We hope that it's a peaceful one.

    Sincerely and respectfully,

    Good Hair Good Body® LLC

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