Dehydration Slows Hair (Re)Growth

Januar 30, 2020

Dehydration Slows Hair (Re)Growth


Water supports life because it supports growth, regrowth, and healing.

Many people believe that hair growth is determined by what you put "ON" your hair and scalp.  However, what you put "IN" your body (specifically what you eat and drink) matters more.  

Being well hydrated with WATER has a bigger impact on healing (cellular repair) and growth than most people realizeAcidic drinks (such coffee, carbonated drinks) and sugary (high glycemic index) drinks (including alcohol) stunt healing and growth of cells and tissues, including hair. Read below to learn how. 



Your hair, hair follicles, skin, and nails comprise your integumentary system (i.e. your covering) that separates you from everything around you.It contains cells and structures that are part of your immune and vascular (circulatory) systems.



Hair follicles require water to execute metabolic processes for hair growth.Some of these involve splitting water molecules to generate atoms & energy (hydrolysis) to build the proteins that are later assembled as hair strands.  Approximately 1/4 of each hair strand is water.



Organ systems exist in a situation-dependent hierarchy.During (chronic) dehydration, the circulatory system shunts blood away from less vital systems and tissues (i.e. skin, hair, nails, and gut), AND concentrates that blood within vital tissues (i.e. brain, heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys).



Chronic dehydration impairs hair growth from hair follicles because in dehydration, there is insufficient water to execute the metabolic processes for hair growth.  So, once old strands are shed, they are not replaced, resulting in thinning hair.



Drink a Gallon of Water Throughout the Day

You don'thave to drink it all at once.Drink a 12 fl. oz. (360mL) glass of water upon awakening from sleep.A little more than ten12 fl. oz. glasses of water throughout the day is equivalent to 1 gallon (3.7L = 3700 mL) of water .

Eat 1/3 to 1/2 of Your Daily Water Intake as Fruits & Vegetables

Eat non-GMO seeded heavily water-laden non-acidic low glycemic index fruits and vegetables, such as watermelon, cucumbers, pitaya (dragonfruit), honeydew, cantalope, apples, strawberries, sour sop, star apple, etc. Also, water-soluble fiber in these heavily water-laden fruits and vegetables bind natural fruit sugars and slows digestion and absorption of natural fruit sugars, so you do not get spikes in your blood sugar.

In Kidney Failure, Water Restriction Is the Current Standard of Care

People who are in kidney failure have kidneys with impaired ability to excrete water, salts, and sugar.So, their free water intake is restricted (greatly reduced), as per doctor's orders.  Ask your doctor how much water you may consume daily on a renal diet, and inquire if eating non-GMO seeded water-laden non-acidic low glycemic index fruits and vegetables (cucumbers, watermelon, pitaya (dragonfruit) ) is an alternative for youThe water-soluble fiber in them may slow the water load on your kidneys and clean them at the same time.


Our Value to You

Remember, Good Hair Good Body® designs  ​​and manufactures products ​​​from plant- and mineral-based raw materials grown in or mined from the Earth.  We know the science behind what makes our products work, and we teach people ways to heal their skin and regrow their hair through nutrition and healthy lifestyle.  Our products support growth and healing. 


Product Recommendations for Winter Care of Your Skin, Beard, and Hair

​If you don't know what to get to heal your skin and shield both your hair and skin from rough winter weather, here are a few product recommendations:

  1. For eczema, get our ECZEMA CARE SYSTEM. It adds & seals in moisture and soothes the intense itching and burning common to eczema and contact dermatitis.
  2. For dry coils & curls, get our MOISTURIZING MIST, our HAIR & SKIN GEL - MOISTURE MAX FORMULA, & any of our HAIR & BODY BUTTERCREAMS.
  3. For a shampoo & body wash with lots of 'slip', aids detangling,  and cleans without stripping  as well as a cream to seal in moisture after washing your hair or showering, get our BATH DUO. It's available in multiple fragrance pairs.  It includes a Detangling Shampoo/Facial & Body Wash and a cream of the same fragrance or that complements its fragrance. Add a MULTI-DUTY CONDITIONER to help detangle your beard (if you have one).
  4. If you need an entire system for hair, skin, & beard care, get our HAIR & BEARD CARE SYSTEM.  The entire family can use it.  
  5. If you need aluminum-free and talc-free deodorants, get our UNDERARM BALM and BELOW THE BELT STEALTH.


That's all for now.  More valuable tips coming soon.

Sincerely and respectfully,

Good Hair Good Body® LLC

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