The Gut Check Challenge (90-days)

 Brian P's Customer Review of The Gut Check Challenge

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Anyone who:

  • is experiencing HAIR LOSS / THINNING and/or SKIN ISSUES (e.g. dryness, acne, rashes, redness, and oily skin),
  • wants to learn how to improve hair/beard GROWTH,
  • want to improve their GUT HEALTH naturally with food

from the inside out using food and making small daily habit changes.


The Gut Check Challenge Program (12-week 90-day COURSE ONLY):

In The Gut Check Challenge COURSE ONLY, we explain in plain language in each Book and video:

  1. GUT ECOSYSTEM which focuses on how gut health impacts skin. scalp, hair, & beard health & strategies & suggested foods to optimize gut function & nutrient absorption to improve hair/beard and skin health as well as overall sense of well-being.
  2. GUT DEFENSE which focuses on how the gut functions as an integral part of the immune system.
  3. FOODS FOR FLAWLESS SKIN & HAIR focuses on the impact of inflammation and true nutrition on immune function, healing, and skin and hair health.
  4. GUT FEELINGS focuses on how our thoughts and emotions impact how we cope with stress, including our food choices.
  5. GUT CHECK CHALLENGE which is a 90-strategy to help you identify and modify habits to help you achieve healthier skin/scalp, hair/beard health and more.

The Gut Check Challenge PLUS+ Program (12-week /90-day COURSE PLUS CONSULTATION & CUSTOMIZATION):

You'll receive all of your course materials itemized above in, plus a personal touch:

  1. An initial nutritional and lifestyle assessment i.e. consultation (2 hours maximum via Zoom) to develop a gut health strategy specifically for you.
  2. Five (5) one-on-one (1:1) follow up consultations (via Zoom) to assess unexpected challenges to your specific progress along the way and to fine tune personalized strategies to help you steadily move forward toward your gut health, skin, and hair hair goals.
  3. Two (2) group meetings per month for 3 months (via Zoom) to answer frequently asked questions and to develop a supportive community of individuals with common gut, skin, and hair health challenges and goals.

      Get the ENTIRE Series (all 5 eBooks) .

      This course includes eBooks and teaching videos

      Live Webinars:  

      This is currently a live online series (i.e. an active series with live recorded online lectures and video replays), the content is "dripped" (i.e. released sequentially).  Hence, all video replays for each eBook in this series will be accessible through the link provided by email within 72 hours of each live online presentation. You will continue to receive email updates as new video replays for each section of each Book become available.

      1st webinar series- The Gut Check Challenge (Intro & Self Assessment in a 1-hour presentation):  Sunday 10 July 2022 at 2pm ET on Zoom for 1 hour

      2nd webinar series - Gut Ecosystem (a 2 week series):  Sunday 10 July 2022 at 2pm ET on Zoom for 1 hour

      3rd webinar series - Gut Defense (a 2-week series):  Sunday 17 July 2022 at 2pm ET on Zoom for 1 hour

      4th webinar series - Foods for Flawless Skin & Hair (a 4 week series):  Sunday 24 July 2022 at 2pm ET on Zoom for 1 hour

      5th webinar series - Gut Feelings (a 2-week series):  Sunday 21 August 2022 at 2pm ET on Zoom for 1 hour

      6th webinar series -The Gut Check Challenge (Follow Up):  Tuesday 6 Sept 2022 at 2pm ET on Zoom for 1 hour

       We'll meet live on Zoom for 60 minutes to walk you through the series (with Q & A at the end of the presentation for 10 - 15 minutes).  Our goal is that you gain knowledge about what real food actually does for our bodies.

      Book Release:  Books for this series will be released after completion of each major section of this live online series.  There are 5 major sections:  Gut Check, Gut Defense, Foods for Flawless Skin & Hair, Gut Feelings, & The Gut Check Challenge.


      We do NOT use much medical terminology.  We explain topics in succinctly and in everyday language (i.e. "layman" terms) with examples.  In addition, we include several illustrations (figures and charts) to summarize concepts for easy comprehension.  We want you to learn and use this information for easy self-improvement that you can start today and see improvement.

      We utilize information from research journals, certified medical associations, as well as texts from graduate- , nursing, and medical school-level human physiology, pathology, biochemistry, immunology, microbiology, neurobiology, pharmacology, psychiatry, and nutrition, AND we translate it all into EVERYDAY language that is EASY to comprehend no matter your level of education to arm you with the information you need to conquer master knowledge about which medications cause hair loss. 

      ATTENTION / DISCLAIMER:   We do NOT offer medical advice.  We ONLY detail medical issues that affect hair loss and (re)growth.


      Customer Reviews

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      Brian P.
      Skin health

      In late 2019 into early 2021 my body was attacked with psoriasis and along with that psoriatic arthritis. I would fill the bath tub with extremely hot water and Epsom salts hoping to get joint relief and skin relief. After working with my hands my whole life I struggled to get dressed in the morning from the joint pain in my hands. My skin was a whole other problem. I was covered from the neck down with approximately 75% being covered in psoriasis that itched like crazy and it felt like a horrible sunburn. I would itch and bleed constantly. Then in October of 2020 a friend found out about my condition and she immediately contacted the founder & owner of Good Hair Good Body. The founder and owner called me and we talked for 2 hours. A week later she contacted me again to find out how things were going and this continued for months. Not once have I had a doctor call me and talk for 2 hours let alone follow up with me every week for months. She suggested a strict diet and had me drinking a tea and smoothie every morning and suggested some of her products for psoriasis. Within a month I could start to see a difference in my arthritis and in my skin condition. I am currently still using the diet she suggested and her psoriasis products and my skin is all but cleared up. Currently I have a small break out but it’s my own fault when I indulge in some night shade vegetables that I enjoy. If you are suffering from either of these symptoms I suggest you contact Good Hair Good Body and have them get you headed in the right direction, you won’t be sorry. Thank You, Good Hair Good Body.