3 Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

febrero 08, 2020

3 Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate (70% cocoa and/or greater) has a plethora of health benefits for all body systems.  Here are just a few:
  1. elevates mood
  2. strengthens the heart & blood vessels
  3. increases blood flow
All 3 conditions create favorable conditions for healing skin and hair growth because:
  • a positive mood equates to less stress i.e. lower cortisol levels, and hence less cortisol-induced protein destruction.
  • a stronger heart and vasculature AND vasodilation contribute to increased blood flow (through vasodilation), hence increased oxygen & nutrient delivery AND waste/toxin removal.

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In the meantime, here are our product recommendations to add some spice to your life:

  • Caliente Series Hair & Body Buttercreams (Cinnamon and/or Chocolate).
  • Muri Series Hair & Body Buttercreams (i.e. Kanda, Kem, Kemet, Khona, Rwenzori, Iteru)
  • Bath Duos (8 fl. oz. Detangling Shampoo / Body Wash AND a 4 oz. cream of similar or the same fragrance).

 All 3 categories are irresistible, magnetic, and designed for the lover in you !

Until next time, enjoy your day !

Good Hair Good Body® LLC


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Great Skin & Hair Start with Hydration:  Water & Seed-Bearing Fruits
Great Skin & Hair Start with Hydration: Water & Seed-Bearing Fruits

diciembre 02, 2020

In summary, being knowledgeable of what you eat and wear involves knowing what is truly in your food and grooming products.  Learning to read labels and developing the habit of doing so can save you and your family illness, visits to the hospital from allergic reactions, and heartache.  Good health, hair, and skin start with proper hydration, and knowing you what is in your products can save your life.

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Eczema Care Made Easy
Eczema Care Made Easy

marzo 16, 2020

We have a few solutions to help you correct your dry skin & eczema problems.  Our solutions work from two (2) different angles.

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A Spice Good for Hair Growth, Healing, & Libido
A Spice Good for Hair Growth, Healing, & Libido

febrero 14, 2020

Spices are for more than flavor. They actually have health benefits. Today, we focus on cloves.

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