The Medicine Behind Beauty Monthly Membership Program


If you desire to continue augmenting your knowledge beyond the consultation(s), we suggest joining our monthly membership program titled The Medicine Behind Beauty (MBB).


In our MBB program, we:

  • translate the clinical and laboratory medical science into everyday language to help you easily comprehend how the human body works in sickness and in health so you can gain mastery over your own health
  • clearly illustrate (in detail) at the cellular and molecular level the relationships between sleep, exercise, nutrition, personal care product ingredients (healthy and natural versus hazardous), and YOUR health to help you easily visualize how seemingly unrelated processes work together to promote health versus disease.

We make it simple.  Read below to learn more. Register today, and reserve your seat.

Things to know in advance:

  • ATTENTION / DISCLAIMER:  We do NOT offer medical advice.  Kindly read our read our Attention / Disclaimer as well as our Refunds/ Exchanges / Returns Policy & Cancellation Policy for all of our products and services, including this membership at: .
  • All materials utilized in and for this program are protected by U.S. Federal Copyright Law.  Any unauthorized distribution and/or resale of our materials WILL result in prosecution to the FULLEST extent of the law.
  • A video replay of the livestream broadcasts will be available to those who purchase this membership.
  • You WILL need to PURCHASE the appropriate eBook to keep pace with the presentations, for we cover topics that are rarely covered by other outlets.  There's a LOT of information contained in this product. The eBooks contain the notes.  We move at a rapid pace, so it's best to read ahead.
  • We also link concepts in ways other outlets may not.


In this monthly membership, you will receive: 

  1. A review a 60-90 minutes review of one (1) health condition that impacts healing (skin health), hair / beard growth versus hair loss, nail growth, and body odor, such as:
    • diseases, or
    • medication side effects, or
    • immune support, or
    • stress and stress management, or
    • nutrition, or
    • personal care (topical) product ingredients (healthy and natural versus hazardous ones).
  2. 10% OFF personal care product (skin care, hair care, beard care and deodorant) purchases.
  3. 10% OFF the purchase of one (1) eBook.
  4. 15% OFF the purchase of three (3) or more eBooks at one time.

We’ll meet monthly on Zoom.  You’ll receive a reminder email to notify you of the date and time of the live meeting.

Text GOODHEALTH to 21000 to receive updates about our:
  1. digital (educational) products.
  2. skincare, hair care, beard care products.
  3. natural deodorants.
  4. and culinary recipes that favor hair / beard growth and healing.

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