Golden Sand Scrub


Golden Sand Scrub is a preservative-free, plant-based body scrub. It looks like sand, but it is entirely made from plants. A little goes a long way. Just add a nickel-sized amount to your wash cloth/luffa/sponge, add a small amount of water to make a lather, apply to skin using a gentle circular motion, and rinse.

To seal in moisture, apply our Hair & Body Buttercream or Herbal Antiseptic Cream.


Golden Sand Scrub is made ‘ready to use as is’.  Only add water to the portion that you have dispensed and are using.  Dispense the minimum amount required to your hand, wash cloth, or luffa.  Do not use in hair.

Instructions for Use

  1. Dispense a quarter-size amount of Golden Sand Facial and Body Scrub into the palm of your hand. Add the least amount of water necessary to make a gritty paste.
  2. Apply gritty paste to face and/or body, and massage onto skin.
  3. Rinse thoroughly.


    African Black Soap, Cornmeal, Ground Flaxseed Husks, Populus Tremuloides (Aspen) Bark Extract, Fragrance (Essential Oil Blend and/or Perfumed Body and/or Skin and Hair Fragrance Oil(s)) *ONLY IN FRAGRANT VERSIONS

        ** Color & consistency of natural ingredients may vary.