Culinary Chemistry v 1 - eBook & Video Series


This is NO ORDINARY recipe book.

Release Date:  11-27-2020


In this book, we:

  1. briefly summarize the history of recipes traditionally used in Afro-Caribbean / Afro-Latino cuisine, including their traditional uses.
  2. provide recipes that promote hair growth and healing.
  3. provide recipes that improve body odor by cleaning the gut.
  4. detail foods (including spices) that should be avoided in certain medical conditions and/or when taking certain medications.


Anyone struggling with:

  1. hair and/or beard growth (i.e. bald spots, thinning hair, vanishing edges, and /or hair that just will not grow).
  2. dry skin that is slow to heal.
  3. mineral deficiencies (including iron deficiency anemia) and resultant hormonal deficiencies.
  4. knowing which foods are beneficial to the immune system and cellular repair.
  5. knowing which foods (including spices) to avoid in specific medical conditions and/or when taking certain medications.

Things to know in advance:

  • The video replay of the livestream broadcasts will be available to those who purchase this product.
  • The lower price initially posted is the introductory price for the eBook - video bundle.  Once the pre-sale (introductory) price ends, this product will only be available at the higher price.
  • You WILL need the eBook to keep pace with the presentation, for we cover topics that are rarely covered by other outlets.  We also link concepts in ways other outlets may not.

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