The Effects of Chronic Stress on the Mind & Body - eBook & Webinar Bundle


How we treat our bodies and minds in your youth AND how we allow others to treat us has a tremendous impact on our mental and physical health later in life.  So, the time to treat your mind and body with great care is NOW !  Once some disease progress past a specific threshold, they cannot be reversed.  So, prevention NOW is better than attempts at correction later.  Chronic stress, the many behaviors and diseases that emanate from it, and the lack of knowledge and lack of skills we have to conquer it destroys us from the inside us.  In our youth, we may not see or feel the consequences, but in our later years, we do.  Learn your enemy NOW !   Here's how...


In the eBook & webinar Effects of Chronic Stress on the Mind & Body, we connect the dots between graduate and medical school level human physiology, pathology, biochemistry, immunology, microbiology, neurobiology, and psychiatry, AND we translate it all into EVERYDAY language that is EASY to comprehend no matter your level of education to arm you with the information you need to conquer stress so that it does NOT conquer you.  We discuss:

  1. how the body learns from acute (short-term) versus chronic (long-term) stress
  2. how stress impacts various organ systems, including the integumentary system (i.e. skin, hair, beard, and nails)
  3. healthy strategies to manage stress so that it does not poorly manage you (including a list of physical trainers online, exercises (mental and physical), habits, and foods that can help you adapt to stress better.

Things to know in advance.

  • The video replay of the webinar will be available to those who purchase this webinar and eBook. 
  • Those who elected to not reserve their seat at the webinar and eBook in advance of the LIVE webinar must purchase this product at a higher price AFTER the sale has concluded.
  • The live webinar will occur / occurred at a private webinar hosting site, NOT on social media (i.e. not on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc).
  • You WILL need the eBook to keep pace with the presentation, for we cover topics that are rarely covered by other outlets.  We also link concepts in ways other outlets may not.