How to Maximize Your Medical Visit in the Age of Telemedicine - eBook + Video Replay

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eBook Release Date:  11-24-2020 (eBook cost = $29.00 USD).

First Master Class Webinar Date:  Sunday 11-29-2020  at 3pm ET (replay cost = $10.00 USD).

TOTAL COST  = $39.99 USD

We translate medical research into everyday language for easy comprehension and immediate use to improve your hair, beard, skin health and body odor. 


Anyone struggling with:

  1. forgetting pertinent information during their medical appointment.
  2. knowing what is pertinent medical information.
  3. multiple medical issues.
  4. a loved one who needs help keeping track of their medical appointments and which information is relevant to each one.
  5. who gets confused when they hear their doctor speaks to them about test results.
  6. who has multiple medical questions for their doctor, but does NOT know how and when to ask them


You will learn:

  1. how to prepare for a medical appointment (whether an in-office visit or via a telemedicine call).
  2. whaich information nurses / doctors find medically relevant, and in which order they ask questions when interviewing patients.
  3. how to best broach questions with your nurse and/or doctor in a way that is likely to provide you clarity during your appointment.
  4. what to do before you leave your medical appointment.
  5. which questions you must ask to gain clear directions regarding how to prepare for tests and/or procedures.
  6. how to increase the likelihood that the doctor who ordered your test/procedure receives your test results in a timely manner.
  7. how to prepare for your follow-up medical appointment.
  8. what questions to ask your doctor during your follow-up appointment so that you are clear about your test results,and the next steps in the treatment plan you nurse / doctor formulates for you.

Things to know in advance:

  • The video replay of the livestream broadcasts (Master Class) will be available to those who purchase the replay.
  • You WILL need the eBook to keep pace with the presentation, for we cover topics that are rarely covered by other outlets.  There's a LOT of information contained in this product. 
  • We also link concepts in ways other outlets may not.

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