Minerals & Vitamins for Hair Growth & Healing - eBook & Video Bundle

Live Webinar:  Sunday 25 July 2021 at 7pm ET on Zoom. 

eBook Release:  24 hours before live webinar.


Anyone struggling with:

  1. struggling with consistent healthy hair and/or beard growth,
  2. struggling with acne, dry skin, and/or skin that is slow to heal.
  3. struggling with mineral deficiencies (including iron deficiency anemia) and resultant hormonal deficiencies.
  4. are ready to learn and apply knowledge of nutrition to feed and consistently grow healthy hair, heal your skin daily (cellular repair), and boost immunity.


You will learn:

  1. what true nutrients are.
  2. specific locations in the gut where nutrients are absorbed.
  3. how nutrients are utilized for hair/beard growth, (skin) healing, immune function, and detoxification. 
  4. how different diseases of the gut affect nutrient absorption and assimilation.
  5. signs & symptoms of mineral & vitamin deficiency.
  6. foods that are great sources of minerals &/or vitamins.

Things to know in advance:

  • The video replay of the livestream broadcasts will be available to those who purchase this product.
  • The lower price initially posted is the introductory price for the eBook - video bundle.  Once the pre-sale (introductory) price ends, this product will only be available at the higher price.
  • You WILL need the eBook to keep pace with the presentation, for there is foundational information in the eBook that is NOT covered in the livestreams, AND we cover topics that are rarely covered by other outlets.  We also link concepts in ways other outlets may not.

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