Springtime in a Bottle Deodorizing Spray

ATTENTION/DISCLAIMER:  This product is NOT an underarm deodorant nor is it a deodorant for your pubic region.  For those products, click the links below:

  • Underarm Balm Deodoranthttps://www.goodhairgoodbody.com/products/underarm-balm
  • Below the Belt Stealthhttps://www.goodhairgoodbody.com/products/below-the-belt-stealth-powder

Our Springtime in a Bottle Deodorizing Spray is an ALCOHOL-FREE, SYNTHETIC-FREE, PRESERVATIVE-FREE, ECO-FRIENDLY plant- and mineral-based deodorizer that improves the odor of feet, footware, and the air.  It does NOT contain fillers. So, a little goes a long way.

The deodorizing effect of this blend lasts long after the liquid evaporates.

Unlike other store brands, Good Hair Good Body's® Springtime in a Bottle Deodorizing Spray  has additional benefits:

  1. It has plant oils and a pH that reduce the microbial load (of bacteria and fungi).
  2. It's minerals wick away moisture from fabrics (socks and shoes) and your feet once the spray evaporates, thereby making the surface less hospitable to microbial growth.
  3. It has a pleasant non-medicinal fragrance.

Get yours today !  Be a good friend and tell a friend (especially one who has suffers from foot odor) about this product.  They need it, too.  A little goes a long way.



Cleanse and simultaneously exfoliate feet with our Liquid Facial Scrub or Golden Sand Scrub.  (Alternatively, you may wash feet without exfoliation using our Detangling Shampoo / Facial & Body Wash). Rinse thoroughly. Pat dry.

  1. Apply 2 - 4 light mists of our Springtime in a Bottle Deodorizing Spray to feet making sure to mist between toes,on the soles, heal, and dorsal surfaces. Let them dry.
  2. Apply Zap It Oil to any itchy areas on your feet and between your toes. Let it soak into skin.
  3. Apply a small amount of any of our creams that are your favorite.  Avoid the itchy areas where you have already applied Zap It Oil.
  4. As a deodorizing foot powder, consider our Below the Belt Stealth.

A little goes a long way.


White Distilled Vinegar, Magnesium Sulfate Heptahydrate (Epsom Salt), and Essential Oil Blend

**All ingredients are plant-based or mineral-based.



Travelers like to pair our Springtime in a Bottle Deodorizing Spray with a few other products.

Pairs well with our other plant- & mineral-based:

  • Bath Duo (Includes a Detangling Shampoo / Facial & Body Wash with a cream of the same or similar fragrance.)  Available in:
      • men's line known as our Muri (Love) Series.
      • mosquito & bee repellent (Summer Ease) Series.
      • Fragrance-Free
      • Tea Tree-Peppermint (for itchy skin & scalp)
  • Scrubs (Soap - Exfoliator Combos):
      • Golden Sand Scrub :  This is a preservative-FREE plant-based soap-exfoliator combination.  Available in:
        • Almond
        • Delightful (Citrus Blend)
        • Lavender
      • Liquid Facial ScrubThis is a plant- & mineral-based soap-exfoliator combo preserved with plant- & mineral-based preservatives.  Available in:
        • Fragrance Free
        • Tea Tree-Peppermint
  • Underarm Balm Deodorant
      • Fragrance-Free (sensitive skin, pregnant, nursing, children 6 years old or younger)
      • Tea Tree-Peppermint (favored by those with supprative hidradenitis)
  • Below the Belt Stealth Deodorant (a plant- & mineral-based deodorant powder)
      • Azure (mild fragrance)
      • Coconut-Lemongrass (moderate)
      • Breeze (extra-strength)
  • Zap It Oil (soothes itchy skin and scalp)
      • 0.5 fl. oz. (15 mL)
      • 1 fl. oz. (30mL)

    Keep both in your car, suitcase, briefcase, book bag, backpack, or purse when traveling.

    A little goes a long way.

    Your skin is your 1st line of defense against infection.  Protect it with the best and most natural plant- and mineral-based products.  THE CHOICE IS YOURS, and you have several of them to PROTECT YOUR SKIN (and SCALP).

    Travel Safely !

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