Common Medications that Cause Hair Loss eBook & Video

This eBook and teaching video is a companion to our eBooks Gut 
and Minerals & Vitamins for Hair Growth & Healing.

Live Webinar:   Sunday 1st August 2021 at 7pm ET on Zoom.

We'll meet live on Zoom for 1 hour to walk you through the series (with 15 minutes Q & A at the end of the presentation) until week complete the series.  Our goal is that you gain knowledge about what real food actually does for our bodies.

eBook Release:  1 day before live webinar.


Anyone who is experiencing HAIR LOSS / THINNING due to:

  • medication.
  • medication withdrawal.
  • chemotherapy.
  • radiation therapy.


In this eBook, we explain in plain language:

    1. the hair growth cycle.
    2. why prescribing medications is both a major art of medicine and a science. (It's both simpler and more complicated than you may know).
    3. why and how the medications and some medical treatments cause hair loss.
    4. which medications/treatments cause temporary hair loss versus those that cause permanent hair loss.
    5. charts of medications that cause hair loss, organized by type of illness (disease) and body system.  **These charts will especially be useful to those experiencing hair loss when seeking help from a medical and/or cosmetology professional for hair loss. It will help patients/clients better describe the onset of hair loss and which medication/treatment they were taking during onset of hair loss.
    6. how to broach medication/therapy-induced hair loss with your medical professional to mitigate, eliminate, or reverse the damage.

    We utilize information from research journals, certified medical associations, as well as texts from graduate- , nursing, and medical school-level human physiology, pathology, biochemistry, immunology, microbiology, neurobiology, pharmacology, psychiatry, and nutrition, AND we translate it all into EVERYDAY language that is EASY to comprehend no matter your level of education to arm you with the information you need to conquer master knowledge about which medications cause hair loss. 

    ATTENTION / DISCLAIMER:   We do NOT offer medical advice.  We ONLY detail medical issues that affect hair loss and (re)growth.

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