Monthly Luxury Subscription Package - 3 Months Renewal

We have so many HIGH QUALITY products that you may not know which to purchase first.  Let us make it easy for you. If you'd like to try between 3- 4 NEW SAMPLE-SIZE personal care products every month, then our monthly Luxury Subscription Package is right for you.  Each month, we create a collection of products that work well together for skin, scalp, hair, and beard care.  We remove the guess work for you and provide instructions for use and optimal outcome. This affords you the opportunity to learn which products work best for you before choosing to purchase full-size versions of any product. This product and service are offered for a pre-paid fee that will automatically be deducted from your preferred electronic method of payment (i.e. credit or debit card or other method of payment).  Your payment options are either:


#Payments /Year

Monthly Rate  


How Subscription is Pre-Paid (USD)

Total Pre-Paid in 1 Year (USD)

Annual Renewal




paid 1x/year


Semi-annual Renewal

 2 $51.99


paid every 6 months


Quarterly Renewal

4 $53.99


paid every 3 months


Monthly Renewal

12 $55.99


paid monthly



All subscriptions must be pre-paid 4 - 6 weeks in advance to allow time for ordering, receiving packaging and shipping materials, preparing each luxury subscription package, and to allow sufficient time for each package to be shipped in a timely manner to you.

Price Stratification

Shipping  of raw materials costs.  The more frequently we must have them shipped to our location, the more expensive products become.  Annual subscriptions cost the least because we can predictably purchase raw materials LESS frequently, so shipping costs are fewer.  Conversely, semi-annual, quarterly, and monthly subscription package pre-paid fees cost more because raw materials must be purchased more often, so shipping costs from my suppliers are greater, which increases the cost of this service for people who choose these subscription options.  The pricing stratification accounts for the extra shipping costs that must be paid to frequently purchase raw materials from suppliers.

You may establish a subscription for yourself or gift a subscription package to your significant other, friend, family member, or as a "Thank you" gift.

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