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This FAST-PACED, INFORMATION INTENSIVE course is for people struggling with hair loss and skin issues who are looking for nutritional solutions to achieve consistent healthy hair growth and glowing youthful skin (cellular repair) using FOOD.  In this course, you will learn:

  1. what food truly is versus what it is not.
  2. what's stopping your hair growth & skin healing despite eating healthy food.
  3. how food affects us at the cellular level resulting in EITHER slowing down OR acceleration of aging.
  4. foods that rejuvenate skin /scalp, clear acne, alleviate dry skin/scalp, & promote accelerated healing as well as how & why they work.
  5. foods that promote healthy hair growth as well as how & why they work.
  6. foods for summertime vs wintertime skin & hair care.
  7. how to prepare food for optimal nutrient absorption.
  8. and more !

In this PRINTED PHYSICAL BOOK that accompanies this LIVE COURSE, we explain in PLAIN LANGUAGE and provide you OVER 40 FULL-COLOR TABLES (CHARTS), MAPS, ILLUSTRATIONS, & FIGURES that SUMMARIZE this information for FAST & EASY COMPREHENSION of what is necessary to achieve consistently healthy glowing skin, scalp, hair &/or beard growth. 


    LAST DAY TO PRE-ORDER ON SALE:   The LAST DAY TO PRE-ORDER THIS COURSE at the 33% OFF REGULAR SALES PRICE is Friday 10-20-2023 at 7pm ET.  No promo code needed.  Then, the price will INCREASE EVERY 7 DAYS until it's full price.
        LOCATION:  LIVE on a private webinar hosting site or other teleconference link, NOT on social media (i.e. NOT on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.).
            COURSE  DURATION:  5 weeks
                START & END DATE: 11-7-2023 through 12-7-2023
                    LIVE course starts TUESDAY 11-7-2023 at:
                        • 2pm ET / NYC for the African continent & Western Europe &
                        • 8pm ET / NYC for the Americas. 
                            We will MEET EVERY TUESDAY & THURSDAY for a 2-hour lesson each day:
                                • broken up into two (2) 45-minute instructional sessions each day with
                                  • two (2) 15-minute (or less) Q & A sessions at the end of each instructional section, &
                                    • a 10-minute break between the end of the 1st Q & A session & the beginning of the 2nd instructional session each day.
                                      • EXCEPTION:  During the week of Thanksgiving, we will meet at our regular times BUT on MONDAY 11-20-2023 & TUESDAY 11-21-2023.

                                        Your presence at the LIVE sessions is strongly encouraged for access to LIVE Q & A, which is the ONLY TIME that your questions will be answered in person.  Answers for all other questions OUTSIDE of the LIVE Q & A will require prior payment of a consultation appointment & fee.

                                        VIDEO REPLAYS:  Video replays of each each section of this course will be accessible for the LIVE 6-weeks duration of this course.  However, additional access BEYOND the initial LIVE 6-week course will require prepayment as shown below:

                                        Additional Weeks of Access to REPLAYS Beyond the Initial 6 Weeks

                                        Cost (in USD)
                                        2 weeks $54.00
                                        4 weeks $108.00
                                        6 weeks $162.00






                                        The link for purchasing additional weeks of access to video replays will be provided upon request to those who email us at customercare@goodhairgoodbody and provide  receipt(s) as proof of purchase of the mini-course(s) with written request(s) for which replay(s) are desired.

                                        THINGS TO KNOW IN ADVANCE:

                                        • Those who choose to not reserve their seat for this course in advance of the LIVE course (i.e. the pre-sale / introductory price) must purchase this product at a higher (full) price AFTER the sale has concluded.
                                        • Purchase this series either a la carte (i.e. only purchase the parts YOU need) OR in totality (i.e. purchase all parts purchased at once for best savings, especially if it's currently on sale).
                                        • You WILL need the physical printed BOOK to keep pace with the presentations for each section of this course, for we cover topics that are rarely covered by other skin, hair, & beard care outlets.  We also link concepts in ways other outlets may not.
                                        • You will receive a TRACKING NUMBER for your book when shipped.

                                        What we consume (i.e. food, topical products, and environmental exposures) impact how our cells behave and whether we age rapidly or slowly or develop chronic diseases. Learn to fortify every cell in your body to slow aging and rejuvenate your skin and hair.  Your body will serve you well your entire life if your treat it kindly. Time moving and your cells are on a clockRegister NOW !

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