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The information provided in our free products (i.e. blogs, vlogs, emails, social media pages, other marketing materials, and free guides and checklists) as well as our paid products i.e. products for purchases (including digital products (i.e. eBooks, videos, online courses, webinars, masterclasses, memberships, consultations, and physical products) is not medical advise. It is solely provided for educational purposes. We do NOT offer medical advice.  We only discuss the impact diseases, illnesses, and other physiological and emotional conditions have on: 1) skin, hair, beard health; 2) body odor, and 3) other physiological functions as they relate to the integumentary system.  It is safest to seek medical advice from your medical professional (i.e. your own doctor/nurse practitioner), for they are more cognizant of any pre-existing / underlying condition(s) you or your loved ones may have or may be experiencing as well as other parts of your medical history. Seek medical advice from your own medical practitioner.

The information contained herein is general in nature and for informative purposes only. It is based upon the author's personal experience. The author assumes no responsibility whatsoever, under any circumstances, for any actions taken as a result of the information contained herein.



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NO REFUNDS will be issued for the purchase of eBooks, videos, and/or online courses, for once you have access to them, you will have the ability to download the eBooks and watch the videos and/or online courses.


PRIOR TO 24-hours before the FIRST (1st) SESSION of an initial consultation (whether it is a one-time 30-Minute Consultation or a 4-Week Consultation Program), you may request and receive a refund for a scheduled consultation. 

However, NO REFUNDS will be given to anyone who cancels a scheduled consultation LESS THAN 24 hours of the start date and time of the FIRST (1st) SESSION of an initial consultation.


Given that we must rent digital real estate in advance of host meetings online and to warehouse digital content in advance (to ensure that the digital infrastructure is ready to welcome you when you join our online meetings and/or utilize our digital products), we must tally in advance customers who elect to utilize our digital products and services and pay the appropriate fee to rent digital real estate in advance.  Consequently, all sales are final upon sign up and payment for all digital product and services (including consultation services and memberships). 

Should you elect to cancel your membership to any of our membership programs BEFORE the next billing cycle of the following month for that membership program (digital service) begins, you may do by through your own membership account . In addition, as a courtesy, kindly email us at, and provide your:

  1. first and last name
  2. email address (that you used to sign up for the digital product and/or service).
  3. the name of the digital service in our roster for which you registered and paid for registration.
  4. the start date of your registration.
  5. the desired end date of your registration.

That way, we have a backup record of your proactive action to cancel your own membership.